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Jet Fuel Oil

Jet Fuel Oil

As one of the world’s largest bulk traders of jet fuel, M & R has always been a major participant in trading markets, with significant supply contracts with all the major export refiners.

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Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel

M & R isone of the world’s leading trader in diesel fuel, gas oil and has a real expirience and effectiveness of expertise in global commodity trading business

Crude Oil

Leader In Crude Oil

M & R trades crude oil globally. We have a presence and on the ground expertise wherever crude is produced, traded, stored and supplied to customers.

Oil Commodities Worldwide Trader

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We deal with reputable companies and trading partners in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Australia

Jet Fuel

M & R Diesel was put in place in 2011 for that precise reason of delivering the two of those massive amounts Jet fuel to a very broad of a inland shopper base, sharing some terrific advantages of M & R intercontinental logistics and experience. A protracted phrase truly worth giving on the two jet gasoline, physical danger administration and carbon reduction elements.

Global Fuel Broker

We get pleasure within our skill to tackle challenging, advanced jobs and provide successful answers rapidly and transparently. Simply because our partnership product is predicated on collective duty, we’ve been very careful to evaluate danger publicity within the floor base of Fuel Oil Trading, in neighborhood marketplaces – wherever we are able to see the actual irony among result in impacting the commodities market.

Our Process & Deals

Investing could be the motor of our organization, and electrical power – in several distinctive bodily kinds – would be the source we trade probably the most. The fact is, nearly every one of the M & R Group’s pursuits are pushed by investing – from exploration, to delivery, to storage. Much more than simply just a thread linking just about every element of what we do, buying and selling could be the conduit as a result of which we obtain and reveal crucial current market information about Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel & Crude Oil trading